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The Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

The do it yourself weddings guide to wedding planning, wedding crafts, homemade favors, flowers, decorations and much more!

Looking for ideas, tips and instructions on how to do most everything involved with your wedding and reception…yourself?

Here you’ll find unique wedding crafts, projects, tips and advice all about making your wedding unique and personalized. Not only does “doing it yourself” make the details of your wedding special, but it ends up saving you money too. Since we all know how terribly expensive weddings can get, every little bit of savings counts.

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Looking for specific do it yourself wedding information? We have a ton of it here! You can search this site or browse through a complete listing of all our articles in our site map. You can also check out what our newest articles are by browsing our Newest Tutorials blog page.

Wedding craft projects and ideas are added all the time, do it yourself weddings is constantly growing–so check back often! Better yet, subscribe to our Do It Yourself Weddings Blog for our latest articles and how-to tutorials.

We have do it yourself tips, articles and instructions for everything from Do It Yourself Wedding Receptions all the way to DIY Wedding Make-up. Plus, everything in the middle…such as Wedding Centerpiece Ideas and more. All of our articles link to even more related articles…you’ll find a wealth of information on this site!

The idea for this site started when I was planning my own wedding and I began collecting instructions and ideas for wedding crafts. I knew I wanted a very personalized, creative and unique wedding and was going to avoid a “cookie cutter” wedding at all costs. In the process (and many years of helping others plan weddings) I accumulated so many “do it yourself” wedding ideas that I just had to start sharing them.

So sit back and enjoy our Do It Yourself Weddings site, there is a lot of information you can use or pass along to a friend. Get ready to get crafty!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!